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i fly like paper, get high like planes.

17 August 1989
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alex: is a fangirl. is 18. is a geek...clearly

alex watches: dexter. dirty sexy money. entourage. friends. grey's anatomy. house. lost. the new adventures of old christine. the office (us). prison break. tell me you love me.

alex listens to: agent sparks. alexisonfire. anna nalick. aqueduct. arctic monkeys. be your own pet. billy idol. bloc party. brand new. butterfly boucher. the chalets. city and colour. the clash. coldplay. cursive. damien rice. david bowie. death from above 1979. eisley. the fray. gomez. get set go. headlights. hotel lights. the hush sound. interpol. james blunt. jimmy eat world. joy division. keane. kt tunstall. maria taylor. mat kearney. matthew good. metric. modest mouse. morrissey. muse. nirvana. oasis. operatic. paloalto. the perishers. radiohead. rancid. ret hot chili peppers. regina spektor. the reindeer section. the smashing pumpkins. the smiths. snow patrol. straylight run. tegan and sara. thirteen senses. u2. umbrellas. we are scientists. yeah yeah yeahs

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